BMG Philosophy

An exclusive and by invitation only private membership club that brings together diverse and enriched individuals for personal and professional connections.

Through a series of events and gatherings across the United States; BMG brings to you “the kind of people you want to meet” - authentic, brilliant and collaborative.

BMG is NOT a "business networking group".
BMG is a "Magnify Your Brilliance as a Human" group.
Consider it a Think Tank + Mastermind + TED Talk

It is the gathering place for brilliant, interesting (in a good way), random, yet on purpose individuals who lives in a state of abundance and are seeking opportunities to contribute and bring their unique gifts and talents to the table without constantly being mobbed or taken advantage of.

BMG’s goal is to facilitate an abundant, dynamic, diverse, inspiring, intelligent, strategic, safe yet powerful community of "Givers" - bringing them together to a protected environment to connect with other great human beings.

BMG is a...

  • Sales-free
  • Pitch-free
  • Entitlement-free
  • Ego-free
  • And Judgemental-free zone

We come together to connect and embrace each other's’ differences and seek for ways to compliment one another.

BMG is agenda-less, bold, diverse, inspiring, random and spontaneous.

Abundant minded individuals coming together to exchange, mastermind and share interesting ideas and projects - both personally and professionally.